Yuka Yamauchi

Born in Kyoto Prefecture. Learned singing and dancing from an early age in Kansai, and moved to Tokyo when he entered university.

He has appeared in musicals and theatrical performances since 2013 , and in 2015 he will make a full-scale musical appearance in the role of Broadway musical "Peter Pan" Tortles.

In addition, there are many original works such as Nogizaka 46th edition musical "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" as Osaka, musical "Revolutionary Girl Utena" series as Anthy Himemiya, stage " K " as Kukuri Yukizome, and musical " AMNESIA" as Minne. Appearance.

In the movie "West North West" (produced in 2015 / released in Japan in 2018), he plays the role of the main cast eye. Exhibited in the New Currents section of the 20th Busan International Film Festival and experienced attendance at the first international film festival.

Appeared in video works such as Asahi Television Broadcasting TV drama L "14 circumstances of boys who can not return to Jimoto", Kansai TV "New Minami no Teiou ~ Trap from the past ~", TBS "Kanna san!" Widening the width.


[Appearance history]


2020   Theater unit [Bombing adult elementary school student] 10th extracurricular lesson " Office-9no1- " Iga-ryu   Yamada store manager   Role

(Director: Kodai Kato) [ CBGK Shibugeki! !! ]

2019   Nogizaka 46 edition of "Sailor Moon" Osaka Naru role

(Director: Wally Kinoshita)

[Tokyo: TOKYO DOME CITY HALL , Shanghai: Shanghai Majestic Theater (MAJESTIC THEATER )]

"Revolutionary Girl Utena-Deeply Collapsed Black Rose-" as Anthy Himemiya

(Director: Kotaro Yoshitani) [Theater G- Rosso]

2018   Theatrical unit [Bombing adult elementary school student] 5th special class "Keep me up." As Sakashita manager

(Director: Chinami Hayashi ( adult elementary school student ) ) [Shinmura LIVE ]

Nogizaka46 edition Musical "Sailor Moon" Osaka Naru role

(Director: Wally Kinoshita) [Tennozu Galaxy Theater, TBS Akasaka ACT Theater]

"Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ White Rose Bud ~" as Anthy Himemiya

(Director: Kotaro Yoshitani) [ CBGK Shibugeki! !! ]

2017   Music comedy "NHK Nodo Jiman" -Let's walk upward-As Tokiko

(Direction: Motoikisigeki)

[Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum Hall C , Kobe: Shin-Kobe Oriental Theater, Nagoya: Chunichi Theater]

" 6 Gento Rondo in a faraway space and time" as Chiyo Komano

( Director: Hideyuki Nishimori ) [Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero]

2016    "Light of light, light of light, love of light" as Ellie

(Director: Naoyuki Miura) [ CBGK Shibugeki! !! ]

2015    Broadway musical "Peter Pan" as Tortles

   ( Director: Kazunori Tamano ) [Tokyo International Forum Hall C ]

"God started   THE MUSICAL ♪ "

(Director: Takehiko Hata) [Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Middle Hall Playhouse]

2014   Musical " AMNESIA " re: again as Minne

(Director: Kotaro Yoshitani) [Tokyo: Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero, Osaka: Business Park Enkei Hall]

Stage " K " as Kukuri Yukizome

(Director: Kenichi Sueman) [Roppongi Blue Theater]

"Musical ☆ Ninja Jajamaru-kun" as Oyuki  

    (Director: Kotaro Yoshitani) [Theater Green   BIG TREE THEATER ]

  Agricultural Rock musical "I'll have it ! Kabukicho legend" as Ayumi Takei   

  (Director: Nozomi Hayashi) [Shinjuku FACE ]          

Musical " AMNESIA " as Minne

  (Director: Kotaro Yoshitani) [Tokyo: Hakuhinkan Theater]

2013   Youth Basketball Musical " FAB FIVE THE MUSICAL " ~ Second Feelings ~ Chinami Kanda   Role

(Director: Kazuto Kanno) [Rikkoukai Hall]



2020     EX / ABC  "Younger boyfriend" Episode 18     [Director: Yoshinori Kuraki]

2019     KTV"New Minami no Tei-Trap from the Past-" as Tomoko Hino [Director: Toichiro Ruto]

2018     NHK BS Premium "Diary" Akie Katase   (When I was a student )   Role [Director: Hitoshi Iwamoto]

2017     TBS"Kanna San ! " Episode 9 [Director: Shunichi Hirano]         

2014     BS JAPAN"Working Dead Working Zombies" [Director: Hiroki Takahashi]

2013     TVK  "Hot Blood School Drama Oshinin !! Fundoshi Club ! " As Aki [Director: Kazumasa Nemoto, Yoshinori Kuraki]         

2011     TBS / MBS  "Ihin Seiri Hitoshi Tanizaki Aiko II " Mayu Waku [Director: Hiroyuki Yabuchi]



2018   "West North West" as Ai [Director: Takuro Nakamura] ( Official exhibition at Busan International Film Festival and Munich International Film Festival )

"Love is like after the rain"   Director: So Nagai

2017   "Naratage"    Director: Isao Yukisada



NTT DoCoMo (Radio CM )

Radio drama "Ryukoku University"



EOW "Hyakka"

Ling Tosite Sigure " DIE meets HARD "

Yushin Nakatani "Candy Kiss"



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